About Faberlic

Faberlic is the largest Russian direct sale company, a manufacturer of unique, patented oxygen cosmetics penetrating deep layers of skin. Faberlic also offers a whole range of products for skin and hair care, exclusive French perfumes, health products, household chemicals, underwear and tights.

5 million people who enjoy our products in Europe and Asia every day!

In 2003, the company entered the international market. Our representative offices operate in 17 countries around the world, and the goods are delivered to 42 countries. Faberlic is backed up by 5 million people who enjoy our products in Europe and Asia every day!

The company has 30 patents and is included in the Top 100 largest cosmetics companies in the world.

Faberlic is a sponsor of the ecological EKA organization that implements programs “Green Towns” and “More Oxygen” . According to data, over 10 million trees were planted in Russia thanks to this organization.

Faberlic runs its own production based on European standards and with the help of advanced, environmentally friendly equipment, automated production lines and a modern packaging system. In terms of its potential and size, Faberlic factory is one of the largest cosmetics companies in Russia.

Our own Research Center - it's our pride!

One of the basic factors of competitive advantage of Faberlic is its activity in the field of scientific research. The results of our lab tests are a basis for innovative cosmetic preparations that give skin youth and health. Faberlic adheres to a scientific approach towards the recipes and production of cosmetics, using ingredients of the highest quality, supplied by the largest producers of cosmetic raw materials.

The production and use of the Aquaftem® oxygen complex in cosmetology and a variety of other unique ingredients of our cosmetics are subjects to patents and are an exclusive property of Faberlic company.