Development with Faberlic

How to climb to the top of the ladder of success and fulfill all your dreams? The income of each Consultant is determined by several factors and depends on the step of the Success Ladder on which the Consultant stands.

Everything starts with personal sale — you get an immediate income, 20% of the difference between the price for a consultant and the catalogue sales prices.

Discount for trading (DFT) is a form of remuneration, the amount depends on the Sales Volume (SV) of your Personal Group (PG) and your Personal Volume (PV). Your Sales Discount includes: DFT calculated on the basis of your Personal Volume, plus the difference between % of your discount and the discount level (DFT) of your consultants.

The table below presents the conditions of discounts acquisition In the table below, the amount of the Turnover Discount and the One-off Qualification Bonuses.

Title awarded Personal Volume (Points) Personal group (Points)  The number of 23% groups on the first level Including Diamond branches Percentage of Turnover Discount* One-off Qualification bonus in PLN
Privileged Client below 100 0%
Consultant 50 100 3%
Senior Consultant 50 200 6%
Leader 50 600 9%
Senior Leader 50 1000 12%
Vice-director 50 1500 15%
Senior Vice-director 50 2000 19%
Director Candidate 50 3000 23%
Director 50 3000 23% 4400
Senior Director 50 5000/2000** 0/1** 23% 6600
Silver Director 50 1500 2 23% 8800
Golden Director 50 1000 3 23% 13 200
Ruby Director 50 1000 4 23% 17 600
Diamond Director 50 1000 6 23% 26 400
Elite Director 50 1000 9 23% 40 000
National Director 50 1000 12 23% 80 000
Senior National Director 50 1000 15 23% 100 000
International Director 50 1000 18 23% 120 000
Senior International Director 50 1000 21 23% 140 000
Partner 50 1000 24 23% 440 000

* Percentage Discount for turnover (% DFT) is determined on the basis of Group Volume (GV), expressed in points. For the 3% – 19% of group turnover = Personal Group turnover. The level of 23% of Group Trading cannot be lower than 3,000 points.
** To qualify for the title of a “Senior Director” one should be the superior of one 23% group of consultants with Personal Group Trading (PGT) at the level of more than 2,000 points, or meet the conditions of Personal Group Trading (PGT) of 5,000 points . If the Consultant has previously achieved the title of a Director, the amount of the Qualification Bonus will be 2,000 PLN.
In order to receive all Directors’ bonuses in full turnover, the Personal Group should be at the minimum level 3,000 points. Personal Group turnover shown in the table is the minimum requirement necessary to obtain the title and receive one-off qualifying bonuses.
Obligatory level of (Personal Volume) PV is 50 Points for all discounts.

When calculating the discount for trading, 1 point equals 3.52 PLN.


The profit of each consultant consists of two components – profit from personal sales and remuneration for the work of the subordinate group /structure. Remuneration includes all the benefits for structure trading, excluding the Qualification Bonus and the Quick Start Bonus in the form of a discount for the purchased production.

The discounted price can maximally reduce the order value by up to 65%. In the event that the discount does not settle on the order, the remaining part is passed on to subsequent purchases made from the personal account of the consultant with whom the bonus was calculated.

All Consultants who have registered a business activity – may receive a discount and bonuses accrued to the indicated bank account. For this purpose, a contract for the provision of marketing and training services is signed. The person signing such a contract with Faberlic aims to promote, sell, and acquire and motivate the new staff to follow their career path in accordance with the levels of success presented in the table.


“Quick start” is a bonus for fast business development in the company. Start off with your business, strengthen your structure and double the bonuses you have earned! If in a short time, you get any title, from a Director to higher levels , you can receive double qualifying bonuses!

During 9 purchase periods/catalogue periods, from the moment of registration, confirm any new title (from Director and above) twice in a row and receive “Quick Start” bonus according to the sum of the 9th billing period after registration.

After reaching a higher qualitative title the bonuses add up. For example, with an immediate confirmation of the title of the Golden Director, the “Quick Start” bonus is: PLN 4,400(for the Director’s title) + PLN 2,200 (Senior Director) + PLN 8,800 (Silver Director) + PLN 13,200 (Golden Director).

Over the next 9 periods, confirm the title 6 more times (in any periods) and you will receive a qualification bonus for the title achieved!

Director’s “quick start”

By confirming the title of a Director, you build and strengthen the work of your group. You receive income for the work of your team.
Your average income for the team’s work per year: + PLN 17 300.
Your personal annual income will be: 4 400 + 4 400 + 17 300 = 26 100 PLN.

Senior Director’s “Quick start”

Invite the leader of one of your structures to participate in the “Quick Start” for the Director. At the same time, you meet the requirements of the “Quick Start for a Senior Director, your partner for a Director.
Your average income for the team’s work for the year will be: + PLN 37,310.
Your personal annual income will be: 6 600 + 6 600 + 37 900 = PLN 51,500.

Senior Director’s “Quick start”

By inviting 2 Leaders of your structure to participate in “Quick Start”, you can earn 103,300 PLN a year! Fulfill in the conditions of “Quick Start” with two of your group leaders: You for the Silver Director, 2 of your partners – for the Senior Director.

Your average income for the team’s work for the year: + PLN 53,700.

Your personal annual income will be: PLN 15,400 (“Quick Start”) + PLN 15,400 (qualifying bonuses) + PLN 18,800 (director’s bonuses) + PLN 53,700 (for your team’s work) = PLN 103,300.

The company reserves the right to check the fulfillment of the conditions for the development of the structure. It is forbidden to fulfill the conditions of the “Quick start” programs through Personal Trading. In case of rules of work violation during the process of construction of a structure/ group, the company has the right to refuse to pay bonuses.

We wish you a successful start and quick business development!


Reach new statuses and keep them, and you will receive a “Stability Bonus” – a supplementary remuneration for the fact that you take matters seriously and regularly take your next career steps!

How to get a “Stability Bonus”?

  • reach the position of “Director” or higher
  • keep your current position and Personal Volume at a level of not less than 100 points keep your current position and Personal Volume at a level of not less than 100 points

The stability bonus is awarded twice a year. In the event of an increase in the position more than twice a year, a surcharge is added to the higher position according to the following qualification.

The sum of the bonus depends on your position:

  • Director 440 PLN
  • Senior Director 660 PLN
  • Silver Director880 PLN
  • Golden Director1 320 PLN
  • Ruby Director1 760 PLN

Maternity Bonus

Our Leaders can manage everything – create a business, give birth or adopt a child, be financially independent and happy in all spheres of life! Especially for those who masterly plan their free time and set themselves such beautiful and versatile goals as family and successful business, the company has created a bonus for maternity and adoption.

If at the time of delivery or adoption of a child you are in the position of Vice- director and higher (PGT above 1500 points) minimum 8 periods from the recent 18 catalogues, you qualify for this bonus!
Payments are made for each born (or adopted) child 18 times a year, beginning with birth or adoption day. At the same time, the PV of each campaign during this year should be no less than 50 points.

In this way, the sum of maternity and adoption bonus can be:

  • PLN 2,160/year, if the first child appears in the family;
  • PLN 2,160/year, if a second, third and another child appears in the family.


The success of a business depends not only on your personal achievements, but also on how good a leader you are for your team. Achieve the position of at least a Diamond Director, help your consultants achieve higher positions, and get a development bonus!

It is a remuneration of 30% of the amount of all qualifying bonuses*, that have been paid within a year for the consultants in your structure (from your first subordinate consultant with the position of a Diamond Director).