To get the gift:

1.  Register on our site from 22 November to 5 December.

2.  Before 5 December place and pay for an order in the amount of £27.95 and more * (in the catalogue prices).

3.  Between 6 and 26 December, get Oceanum Hydrogel Eye Patches (art. 0946) as a gift (for £0.01) for your next order of £16 and more


Why it is worth to open an account with Faberlic?

You buy with discount starting at 20%-36%

Placing an order for minimum of £17 you get your basic discount if 20%

Gifts for shopping

Your first gift is for opening an account with us. For placing an order in each brochure you take part in new representative program. You also accumulate your points for your orders which you can swap for product.

You get opportunity to earn money with us

You can build your customer base and work with amazing team. IF you want it can be your full time job and you can earn up to £700 per month.

Enjoy home delivery

Safe online payment.

Work with amazing team

You meet amazing people, you will benefit from advise from our closed support groups.

Work close with your Lider

I’m open to help, advise and support every step of the way.

There is no upfront costs

Opening an account with Faberlic you not risking anything, there is no joining fee, you can stop whenever you want.